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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Feeding the Bees


I'm linking up with Pam at Everyday Living's garden party.


  1. What a pleasure to have you join Gardens Galore! I do a lot of feeding the bees, I love to hear them buzzing my lavender. They are so important in our gardening and I still have much to learn about them!

  2. I've just realized in the last few years how important the bees are. I must scroll back and view the video.
    Nice to meet you from Gardens Galore.

  3. Just done with my vacation and now I am happy to be here visiting your blog! We talked to a man in Boston who has 3.000 hives. He said the problem is with a mite that has been troubling the bees. He sprays twice a year. It doesn't cute the problem but it suppresses it. I hope more and more people will plant flowers and other plants to help the bees.

  4. Ohh dear I meant to say "cute the problem" and not "cute the problem." Thank you for this beautiful post Karen! Love your photos!

  5. Hi Angela - I get it and thanks for your nice comment. Hope you had a nice vacation. I need to visit your blog soon!