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Worth the Wait

I bought this plant 8 years ago. I was babysitting my newborn grandson in my daughter's home. New babies nap a lot and Grandma sometimes watches the home shopping channels. Spring fever got the best of me and I bought some plants from QVC, including a Clivia lily. It looked pretty on t.v. (who doesn't?) and promised to bloom in low light. Perfect for me, as I haven't lived in a home with good light for plants in 20 years. I may not have read the instructions that came in the shipping box. Actually, I may have thrown them away. Silly me. "I can grow a stupid lily plant." In my defense, the "plant" consisted of a couple of tubers with two strappy leaves each. Even with the best of care, those little things wouldn't have bloomed for years. "A Way to Garden" is a podcast that I faithfully listen to. Margaret Roach gives excellent advice to gardeners. If she's not expert in a particular subject, Margaret seeks the advice of someone who is …

Keep Busy - Keep Warm

What do you do when the snow flies and there's no sight of Spring? Re-start a long abandoned craft (like cross stitch) and knit a hat with a giant pompom. I'm not normally a hat-wearer but the pompoms this year really got me. This one is a 6" faux fur by FFFabuknits on Etsy. Go big or go home. The hat is a free pattern on Ravelry called "Squarshy Hat". I made a few changes to the pattern. I made it larger for my enormous head and a little longer so I could fold the brim up. this would be perfect project for a novice knitter who can knit and purl since the only design element is a slip stitch and the decreases are a knit two together. C'mon. You know you want a hat like this!