Worth the Wait

I bought this plant 8 years ago. I was babysitting my newborn grandson in my daughter's home. New babies nap a lot and Grandma sometimes watches the home shopping channels. Spring fever got the best of me and I bought some plants from QVC, including a Clivia lily. It looked pretty on t.v. (who doesn't?) and promised to bloom in low light. Perfect for me, as I haven't lived in a home with good light for plants in 20 years. I may not have read the instructions that came in the shipping box. Actually, I may have thrown them away. Silly me. "I can grow a stupid lily plant." In my defense, the "plant" consisted of a couple of tubers with two strappy leaves each. Even with the best of care, those little things wouldn't have bloomed for years. "A Way to Garden" is a podcast that I faithfully listen to. Margaret Roach gives excellent advice to gardeners. If she's not expert in a particular subject, Margaret seeks the advice of someone who is and interviews them on her show. One of her guests was an expert Clivia grower. The advice basically consisted of growing the plant outside and leaving it there until it was past the point at which you would normally drag it back in. Just before Christmas, I decided to save the life of this awful looking green gangely looking thing and push it into the unheated garage. I remembered it was out there when I almost tripped over it and dropped it onto the kitchen counter. I forgot to water it for so long, that when I saw yellow peeking out of the center, I thought it was dead leaves. I thought I'd finally killed the thing. To my surprise, the yellow color was actually flower buds coming up from the center. As I would treat an ailing pet, I gave the Clivia small drinks of water to revive it. It really is the perfect indoor plant for me! It thrives on neglect.


  1. Beautiful. But regardless of its strong will to live, I could kill it.

    1. Marly - Ha, ha. Its life could still be in jeopardy.

  2. It is a lovely plant with marvelous flowers. Indeed a hardy little plant. So glad you revived it. I don't have a green thumb so for sure it would die for me :)

  3. What a gorgeous plant! I am a huge QVC shopper but never ordered plants from them. So happy to see you at my newest post. Thanks for visiting me!


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